From Flynn

Image of dog


This is something for my dear friend to think of now and then.
I did not want my stay with you to end the way it did,
But we both knew what you had to do, so hard to decide when.
I know you understood that the time had finally come.
I let you know and I knew you would.
That time was when our friendship shone.
Now I'm free of pain, happy and content.
And, until we walk together again, keep me close.
My love to you is sent and with you always I'll remain.
When you rest your hands on a weary head,
I'll be there to say, "You're safe now with my friend."
We'll take away the fear and dread.
We'll work 'till their hearts will mend.
You will go on loving and caring with me to help you see,
For I am the finest example of true love that ever could be.
So remember I am beside you every step of the way
Through days that bring sunshine or rain.
And please, always remember,
There will be a day when we will walk together again.