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The Sathya Sai Sanctuary Trust for Nature was founded in 1991 primarily to offer a place of peace and refuge for old, injured, unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused donkeys, who through no fault of their own, no longer fit into a world geared for profit and productivity and which is presently dominated by heavy agricultural machinery. Once an important part of the Irish heritage and farming economy these forgotten animals so often suffer through mankind's greed for money and power and even today are generally valued more for their financial worth than for the spirit within.

Situated in truly magnificent surroundings adjacent to the Carrowkeel Megalithic Site at Castlebaldwin, Co.Sligo, Ireland. Only 5 kms off the main N4 Sligo to Dublin road.

Bring waterproof boots, enjoy your visit, and give these humble
animals the love they deserve.

Thank you . . .

Heartfelt, enormous, thanks to each and every one of you who has stood by us and supported us in these unprecedented times. Coronovirus, and other circumstances, have made it very difficult for rescues and sanctuaries like us to continue to provide the help that is so deperately needed. It is down to the kindness of people like you that we are able to keep looking after all the animals in our care.

We thank you for continuing with your donations and fundraisers, wherever possible, whilst understanding our need to remain closed to the public later than many would have expected, simply because we have visitors at unpredictable times, from all over the world, and do not have the manpower to meet all the new regulations whilst maintaining a high standard of care for the animals.

We would also, once again, like to thank the Minister of Agriculture, Charlie McConalogue, for the generous welfare grant of €20,000 awarded to help with the overall costs of our work of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming, abused and neglected donkeys, ponies and some horses during 2022.

This is a challenging time for all charities, including those of us engaged in trying to deal with a national crisis of unwanted, surplus, low value donkeys who have no commercial use, or value, in a world centred on profit.

At present we are overwhelmed, so are immensely grateful for this invaluable support.

We shall, as always, continue to do our best.

Have a good winter and best wishes for 2023.

Autumn 2022 Newsletter - here

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