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The Blessing of the Sanctuary

The project was blessed by Sathya Sai Baba at Christmas 1991 and has quietly grown over the ensuing years to network with other like organisations for the greater good of equines in general.

View upwards from the lower yard 

We have come across a few despicable cases of genuine cruelty, many sad welfare cases born of ignorance, sickness and sometimes loneliness - and known untold joyous rewards in return for the hard work.

Whenever it gets tough something beautiful happens, from the heart, to keep us on track: much needed money arrives from unlikely sources; wonderful people arrive to give support and encouragement; others write unsolicited poetic and informative articles in books, magazines and newspapers the world over, help to create a Sanctuary's website, make CD's and DVD's, give generously of their photos . . . . . always a clear message comes through to keep going, to keep focused, Swami is in charge!

We are too small to make a difference to all the world but to the animals where we can make a difference, it is the world.

Upper yard and stables