The Story of Chance continued

Chance in his stable


February 5th - "Chance is doing brilliantly, very chatty and curious. Wound is much improved. Katy, the vet was here today for the first time since Monday and was amazed at the healing that has taken place."


"The skin is growing back already and has re-attached around most of the edges. The very deep hole near his crest has filled in with tissue and the whole area looks smooth and pink. We are optimistic."


11th February - "Chance continues to recover well. We just dry dressed his wounds today though we'll keep him on the antibiotics for another few days just in case there is any infection remaining. The rate of healing is phenomenal."





Chance out in the top yard

"The wounds are healing well - note the new skin around the edges. It's hard to tell from the photos, even comparing them, but it is closing and is measurably smaller already.  As you can see, he's a happy little chap!"


Wound on left side of neck


Wound on right side of neck


12th February - "Chance was out in the yard this morning for a hour or so while I swept up after the snow and he loved it of course. The weather is brilliant, dry, quiet and not that cold, so perfect for him to spend some time stretching his legs and spooking at birds, dogs, strands of straw, dust motes - you name it. He's very gentle and learning to trust. His wounds continue to improve."  

"We are expecting the skin to close over the wound completely in time though are unsure that it will ever grow hair again. The muscle beneath the skin was affected too and that, apparently, is when hair regrowth is compromised. But you never know."


22nd February - "Still an area about the size of a euro at the top of the big wound that oozes pus but otherwise all clean and healing well. Even looks as though the new skin may grow hair after all!"


Five weeks after he arrived . .

A much smaller wound on right side of neck


Close up of wound


Smaller wound on left side of neck


Close up of wound


23rd February " Chance is great apart from that one septic patch: must still be something in it that's trying to work it's way out. He's trying to make friends with Twinkle and the two Shetties, Myrtle and her foal Marigold, but he's really scared. Small steps . . . "

At the time of writing the newsletter, all sign of infection is gone and both wounds are about one third of their original size; dry, flat, healthy and regrowing hair. Chance is a super natured little fellow who follows us around the yard like a dog, curious about everything and happy to be with the donkeys.

If all is well he will be gelded some time in April.

A snow covered Chance in the shed


Our suspicions that the wounds had been caused by an attack from another horse, possibly a stallion, whilst confined in a shed or pen where he could not escape, were apparently confirmed by Chance’s terror on meeting another pony.

Over time he gained confidence with Twinkle, a cob type filly and Myrtle and Marigold, a Shetland mare and filly foal who joined us five weeks after Chance’s arrival, though he is a long way from being comfortable with horses generally . . . His day-time companions are Twinkle and Mr McNulty, an aged donkey gelding and at night Chance retires to his own stable for a good night’s healing sleep.


Chance a Twinkle grooming each other

Chance and Twinkle grooming each other. She's very careful with him.

5th March - " Only left Twinkle and Chance together while we were monitoring but actually she was very gentle and motherly with him. It's a huge step for him to be in the same space as another horse so we'll take it carefully. "

"Chance doing brilliantly. Gave huge joy to see him galloping across the little field at the back of the stone sheds, frollicking in the snow, for no other reason than he felt good and he could! Silly things that bring tears to the eyes so you know the hard work is all worthwhile. Another little life saved and happy."


Wound on left side of neck


Wound on right side of neck


Chance in the yard making friends


Chance meeting a dog


Chance, Twinkle and Rufus enjoy some carrots


Chance out with Twinkle.

20th March - "Not even 2 months - that's the miracle of horses!"

22nd April - "Gelding op today!"


and after . . .


Chance continues to improve and, for the foreseeable future, will be remaining at the Sanctuary.

More photos to follow as and when they are sent to me.