A poem by Roger Turner

Image of dog

I know it's a bit of a mouthful,
But, Hezekiah is really my name.
You can come and give me a cuddle,
In fact you will find I'm quite tame.

I was feeling quite old when they found me,
Standing alone in that bog.
I do not know why, but they had left me to die.
Tied up to a rotten old log.

They brought me to live with the others,
Up here on the side of this hill,
But it took me a long time to settle.
For you see I was really quite ill.


Image of dog


But day by slow day I recovered.
Until I became really strong.
Now I love to get fussed by the people,
Although many do get my name wrong,

The name its quite royal,
King Hezekiah, you see.
Its dates back to the time Before Cookies,
BC seven hundred and three.

But that's enough of this lesson,
So before I go off to me hut.
Please take your hand from your pocket,
And sneak me one more Ginger Nut.