Newsletter Spring 2020 Extra


First of all, before the Drumcong photos, here is another photo of Spruce's wound that was a bit too graphic for the main newsletter page.

It is thought his face wound is the result of someone trying to remove a sarcoid with a caustic substance.

The skin appears to be growing back though we doubt the coat will regrow, yet despite his battle scarred body he is a magnificent looking boy of c. 14.2hh with a kind and curious temperament.





The photographs in this extra part of the Spring 2020 newsletter show what we hope will be our last event at Drumcong which, sadly, had an unhappy outcome. Some of you may find them distressing and for that reason we are showing them on this separate page.


Dozens of people have contacted us to register their disbelief that any ‘human’ being can be so consistently callous but sadly this is only one of many cases throughout the country, some even worse. The bottom line always seems to be money, a difficult mindset to change.

If you are looking at these photos we thank you for your courage. They show the mare as she was found and the subsequent struggle to free her.





















Tragically, exhaustion took its toll. She was already so weakened by starvation and her underlying problem (most likely cancer) that there was no hope for her and the best kindness anyone could offer was to put her to sleep.



It was a harrowing day for all concerned. By sharing these photos we are not looking for ‘a pat on the back’ - only to raise awareness of the despicable cruelty that is going on right here, right now. Not in some third world country but here in Ireland, one of the richest and supposedly best educated countries in Europe! Shame on us.

Taking photographs under these circumstances is not easy and is often done in a hurry using a mobile phone camera, so please accept our apologies for the blurriness of some images.