The Financial bit . . . and thanks

Six more donkeys, a pony and a horse join the ranks since our Spring newsletter and little Daisy donkey died of natural causes at age 41 years, bringing our total donkeys to 20, plus 17 ponies, 3 horses and 2 mules currently in our care for the winter. . . but this could and probably will change.

There has been an unprecedented amount of welfare calls for severely undernourished horses and ponies, and for aged donkeys with various problems beyond the scope of their (usually) elderly owners.

In such cases, as in cases of cruelty which come to us through Gardai intervention, welfare organisations involved in the nursing and rehabilitation of these animals take on a huge financial and moral commitment.

It is no secret to anyone that food prices have risen dramatically over the last twelve months: this applies also to animal feedstuffs, a situation exacerbated by our abysmal summer and poor harvest.

We have just bought in 200 bales of last year’s hay at €4.25 a small square bale (this year’s promises to be upwards of €4.50 a bale) and 400 bales of barley straw at €3.25 a small bale, which is only part of the winter’s supply. Each bag of feedstuff has risen in price by €1.30 putting another €65 per month on the bill for the winter.

This leaves us, along with many other animal charities, facing a difficult winter with greatly stretched resources so once again we take this opportunity to THANK absolutely and straight from the heart EVERYONE who has, does and will contribute to our work into the future. Without you we cannot exist, even with the vitally supportive payments from the Department of Agriculture and Food.

You are essential to our work and directly responsible for these animals finding veterinary attention and a safe, nurturing future.

With this in mind may we wish you all a very happy, peaceful Christmas-time and a joyous, healthy New Year.

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