Donkey Quiz:

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1 Where do donkeys come from?
2 Why are donkeys called ‘herbivores’?
3 Why do donkeys need to have shelter from the wind and rain?
4 What age can donkeys live to?
5 What is inside a donkey’s hoof?
6 What were donkeys used for in Ireland?
7 How do you tell a donkey’s age?
8 How often should a donkey’s hooves be trimmed and why?
9 What is a parasite?
10 Can you name any parasites which attack donkeys?
11 Can you name three things which donkeys need to eat to be healthy?
12 What is the name of the person who trims and looks after the donkeys’ hooves?
13 Can you name any of the plants and shrubs which are poisonous to equines?
14 What colours are donkeys?
15 Can you think why white donkeys are rare in the wild?
16 What is the distinctive marking most donkeys have?
17 What is a mule?
18 What is a jennet or hinny?
19 What weight can a donkey carry?
20 How much weight can a donkey pull?
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