In memory of Bonnie - January 2013


Bonnie had been with us since March 2012. A small, pure white Shetland type pony of great age. Passionately loved by his owner but left miserably depressed when his companion pony died. He spent most of his time integrated with the herd of small ponies but occasionally asked to graze quietly in another field, or along ‘the long acre' (side of the road) and sometimes even prefered the company of donkeys. So he pretty much had his freedom, enjoyed his daily bucket of special grub, loved being groomed and looked forward to being fussed by visitors. Not a bad life for an old guy!

Early January 2013 - Bonnie couldn't eat and became painfully thin, weak and wobbly. Following several strokes which left him unable to close his mouth he was helped on his journey. He slipped away very quietly and gently.

"Such a dear little man, he'd been here only a short time really but captured my heart completely!"