In memory of Bobby - April 2012



BOBBY came to us, with Cobby, in August 2005. Both ponies were in good condition, though Bobby was aged, and had nice natures. They both had worm bellies, and their hooves needed trimming, but they were not abused. They were placed in a foster home but were returned in June 2006 as Bobby was unable to eat and was losing weight rapidly. He subsequently had five teeth removed by an equine dentist and improved again rapidly.

April 2012, Bobby suddenly stopped eating and two vets concluded he had a growth in his throat. He had always coughed, especially after eating, but the growth was now stopping his food intake and gradually blocking his airways. We all felt it was time to let him go. Cobby knew something was happening and presented himself at the gate to be let in. He went over, sniffed at Bobby, wandered round the shed for a few minutes and asked to go out again. Seems he also knew it was his time.

A chatty little character who will be much missed in the yard.

Below - Bobby in poor condition (left) and after the dentist (right).