Our Charity Challenge event took place during September 2008

kick started by a famous donkey lending a hoof . . .


Donkey drops in for some PR - Sligo Weekender


Do it for DONKEYS in distress!

A FAMOUS donkey lent a hoof in a big way at the launch of an exciting outdoor challenge next month to raise much-needed funds for the Sai Sanctuary in Castlebaldwin.

Shrek’s buddy was doing his bit by abseiling over a cliff to publicise the work of the sanctuary, which is the only facility of its kind in the west of Ireland. It is a rescue centre predominantly for donkeys, but increasingly also for neglected, abused and abandoned horses, ponies and mules.




Abseil Challenge 28th September 2008


This one-day activity was best described as a 'mini mountaineering challenge' as it involved some rope work; and its location is one of the best-kept hill-walking secrets in Ireland; it is simply stunning.

Our Abseil Challenge took place in the mountains of Sligo and kicked off with a spectacular gorge walk. The route lead us to a mighty crack in the rock and we ate our packed lunches at this spot, while everyone got a chance to complete their abseil. 

What was unique about this exciting once-off challenge was that no technical experience was required… anyone could do it!

An equal number of adventurous men and women responded to the ‘mini mountaineering experience’, which took place on Sunday, September 28th, and coincided with National Trails Day.



People from throughout the wider west of Ireland responded to the appeal for participants, including counties Sligo, Galway, Mayo and Roscommon. Their combined effort raised the amazing sum of €1000 for the Sanctuary. The event included scambling up and down scree slopes, an exciting 20 metre abseil, as well as some further rope work.













It was run by an experienced mountain leader Martin McGuigan from Omagh (





If you missed this exciting one-day event and you are interested in participating next year, contact or phone (087) 6655 490


They did it for DONKEYS in distress!


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